Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter from Phnom Penh

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter!!
I’ve really been enjoying settling into my new home and soaking up the atmosphere this week. I’ve moved into my new place in Boeung Keng Kang and absolutely love it. It’s in a quiet area with a local market right around the corner where you can buy all the essentials. I’m on the top floor with a gorgeous rooftop balcony which is really bigger than the living space. I’ve got two bedrooms so if you’re considering a trip to Cambodge within the next 12 months stop putting it off and come on over! This week has been filled with Khmer language lessons which have been really helpful. I’m thinking more lessons and a lot more practise is in order for me though. With AYAD orientation over now I’m looking forward to getting back into the work routine. Tomorrow morning I’m off to Kampong Chhnang until Thursday to work on an environmental project. Apparently the villagers in that region rely heavily on the forest to produce goods so deforestation is becoming a huge problem. So I’m heading out there with a group of 15 university students from Phnom Penh to run workshops and facilitate capacity building exercises between them and the local community. It should be a great experience to get a better feel of what life really is like for 80% of the Cambodian population who live in rural areas. It’s easy to fall into a carefree lifestyle as an expat in Phnom Penh where everything is available anytime of day.

Language lessons with Setha

Local restaurant over the Mekong river


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