Friday, October 31, 2008

Yet another overdue update…

A lot has happened over the past month or so. I’ve moved on from KYSD and am now working with a great organisation, Bridges of Hope. BoH focuses on sustainable socio-economic reintegration programs for people living with HIV/AIDS. At the moment we are developing a new project aimed at providing vocational training for our clients. We’re also working on some health education and prevention programs for young people, along with group therapy and art therapy sessions for children. The work is great, I'm learning a lot and the staff are absolutely lovely. There’s never a dull moment and everyday is entertaining, usually at my expense. We've been conducting some home visits and also some field trips to neighbouring provinces visiting projects which has been another eye opener. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some more traveling lately thanks the clusters of public holidays. The latest trip was up to Sisophon and Battambang. It was great to get out of the city and experience a little more of the beautiful countryside. Not long after my Dad came to visit which was a great excuse to see a bit more of what Phnom Penh has to offer and I finally learnt how to ride a motorbike. Quite a feat considering the traffic in Phnom Penh. All in all life is great here, making the most of this great experience and living it up.

Downtown Sisophon
Visiting a Wat in Sisophon for P'chum Ben
Exploring the countryside in Battambang

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