Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November - The Month of Festivities

Mid November saw an influx of visitors to Phnom Penh for Bon Om Tuk, the annual Water Festival and Independence Day celebrations. The festivities kicked off on the 9th with an impressive parade through town to mark 55 years of independence from the French. It was more of a showcase presented by the Government to highlight their so called 'achievements' over the years. Each Government Ministry was represented and regardless of intent it was still impressive.

From the 11th - 13th Phnom Penh was buzzing with some 2 million visitors from provincial areas coming to celebrate the Water Festival and changing of the tides. This is perhaps the biggest celebration in the Khmer calender and one that shouldn't be missed. There were impressive long boat races running continually for 3 days down the Tonle Sap. The riverbanks were packed with people. Once evening came it was time to relax and check out the illuminated floating barges, complete with fireworks.

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Orkunacoop said...

Great! you were there Lorna in water festival?